Privacy Notice for California Residents

Effective Date: 1st January, 2020
Last Updated: 2nd July 2020

The presented privacy notice for the Californian residents supplements the data/information within the Oriental Cloud privacy policy and only applies to our users, visitors, and people residing in California (you or consumers or users). The notice is adopted for complying with CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act 2018) and the terms mentioned/defined in CCPA possesses the similar meaning as the notice.

The Data/Information Collected by Us
We gather data/information that helps in relating, describing, identifying, referencing, and rationally capable of associating, linking, indirectly or directly with a specific household, device, or consumer (personal data/information). Personal data/information doesn’t include:

  • Information available publically via government records.
  • Aggregated or deidentified consumer data/information.
  • Data/information excepted from CCPA scope, such as.
  • Medical or health data covered by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability 1996) and CMIA (California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act) or data/information of clinical trial;
  • Personal data/information covered by industry-specific privacy laws, which includes FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) or FIPA (California Financial Information Privacy Act), and Driver’s Privacy Protection Act 1994.

We collect following personal information from consumers:

Categories Example Collection Status
Identifiers Alias, real name, , unique personal identifier, postal address, online identifier, passport number, email, IP address, Social Security number, account name, driver’s license number, or similar identifiers. YES
Personal data/information category listed in California Customer Records Signature, name, physical characteristics Social Security number, description, telephone number, address, driver’s license passport number, state ID card number, education, insurance policy number, employment, bank account number, employment history, debit card number, credit card number, or other financial data/information, health or medical insurance information. Personal data/information in the category can contradict with additional categories. YES
Protected classification characteristics under California or federal law. Race, age (40 years+), ancestry, colour, citizenship, national origin, religion, medical condition, marital status, physical/mental disability, sex (gender identity, gender, pregnancy, childbirth, gender expression, or/and related conditions), veteran, military status, sexual orientation, genetic data (familial data). NO
Commercial data Personal property records, products/services purchased, considered or obtained, other consuming or purchasing tendencies or histories. YES
Biometric information Physiological, genetic, biological characteristics, behavioural, activity patterns for extracting templates or additional identifying data or identifiers, like, faceprints, fingerprints, voiceprints, retina or iris scans, gait, keystroke, other physical pattern, health, exercise, or sleep data. NO
Internet or similar activity Search history, browsing history, data on consumer interaction with sites, apps, ads. YES
Geographical data. Physical movements or location. YES
Sensory data. Electronic, visual, audio, olfactory, thermal, or any such data. NO
Employment data Past or current job or performance history evaluations NO
Non-public education data Education data related to students kept by educational institutions or sole parties, like transcripts, class lists, grades, student IDs, student schedules, disciplinary records, or financial data. NO
Inferences from additional personal data A profile showing person’s psychological trends, characteristics, preferences, behaviour, predispositions, intelligence, aptitudes, attitudes, and abilities. NO

The data is gathered via:

  1. Directly via users via forms on the purchase of services/products.
  2. Indirectly via users from observing on-site actions or service usage.
  3. Via 3rd parties like marketing sellers or business partners.

Personal Information Usage
The personal data may be used for one or further purposes:

  • Presenting our site and site content to users.
  • Providing, maintaining, and improving our services.
  • Helping internal features like data analysis, audit, and researching for service improvement.
  • For sending notices regarding vital policies and terms of use changes.
  • Promote and market our services.
  • For carrying out responsibilities and enforcing our privileges via contracts between us, which includes collection and billing.
  • For letting users known about new offers, products, and events. This may be done through email in case you have agreed to. Users can always unsubscribe to these mails.
  • For evaluating or conducting a restructure, merger, dissolution, divestiture, reorganization, or partly or whole sale/ transfer, whether due to recurring liquidation, bankruptcy, or akin procedures, where data gathered by us is counted amidst the transferred assets.

We do not collect additional data or use personal data we gathered for unrelated, incompatible causes, or materially different, without giving users a notice.

The Personal Data/Information We Share
We might share user’s personal data with 3rd party for business purposes. The data is shared in three categories:

  • Expert service providers.
  • 3rd parties whose products/services you bought via us.

Disclosing Personal Data for Business Purposes

In previous twelve months, we have shared following data categories for business purposes:

  1. Identifiers
  2. California Customer Record
  3. Commercial Data

User Choices and Rights
CCPA allows users (Californian residents) special rights in regards to their personal data. The section signifies users’ CCPA rights and how they can be exercised.

Access to Particular Data and Information Portability Rights
Users possess the right for requesting us to disclose specific data regarding you like personal data and collection over twelve months. After we get and confirm the verified customer request (check data portability, deletion rights, and exercising access), we disclose:

Categories of gathered data about you.

Source categories for personal data gathered regarding you.

Commercial or business causes for selling or collecting the personal data.

3rd party categories with whom the data is shared.

Particular information pieces gathered regarding you.

In case we shared any of your personal data for business purposes, a compilation regarding them, pinpointing the data categories recipient obtained is prepared.

Rights for Deletion Request

Users have the privilege for requesting we delete your personal data we collected from users and kept, subjected to some exceptions. After we get and confirm the user request (check data portability, deletion rights, and exercising access), we shall delete (while directing our service providers for deleting) the personal data from records, unless some exception exists.
Your deletion request can be denied in case the information retention is needed for us/our service providers:

  • Completing transactions for which Oriental Cloud collected data, provided goods and services requested by you, taking rational actions in context of our concurring relationship, otherwise performing a contract with users.
  • Detecting security accidents, protecting against deceptive, illegal, malicious activities, or prosecuting the responsible for these activities.
  • Debugging products for identifying and repairing issues impairing any existing functionality.
  • Exercising any right provided by the law.
  • Complying with California Electronic Communication Privacy Act.
  • Enabling merely internal usage reasonably associated with the user expectations that are based on our relationship.
  • Making other lawful and internal uses of data compatible with context you offered it.

Exercising Data Portability, Deletion, and Access Rights

For exercising the deletion, access, and data portability rights mentioned above, kindly submit any verifiable request via:

Phone: +1 (844) 394 6777 Toll-Free in USA


Only users, or someone who is legally authorized for acting on user’s behalf, might make verifiable consumer request associated to your personal data.

You might only prepare verifiable user request for data portability or accessing twice within twelve months. Providing apt data allowing us for reasonably verifying your identity regarding who we got the information, or the authorized representative to explain your request with apt details allowing us properly evaluate, respond, and understand it.

Oriental Cloud responds to providing or requesting users with personal data if Oriental Cloud is unable to verify your authority or identity for making requests and confirming the personal data relates to you.
Preparing a verifiable user request doesn’t ask you for creating an account. We consider requests provided via the password-protected account aptly verified when request relates to the personal data incorporated with particular account. We only use personal data offered within verifiable user request for verifying requestor authority or identity for making the request.

Response Format and Timing

Oriental Cloud endeavors for responding to verifiable user request within 45 days of the receipt. In case we need time over 45 days, we inform users of the cause and the extended period in written.

In case you possess an account with Oriental Cloud, the organization will deliver the response in writing to the account. In case you don’t possess the account, the written response will be either provided electronically or by mail, as per your choice.

Every disclosure provided by us only cover twelve-months preceding verifiable user request receipt. The provided response also explain reasons we are unable to comply within a request, in case applicable. In case of data portability requests, we select format for providing personal data useable allowing you the option to transmit data from one body to another without hitch.

No fee is charged for processing or responding to the verifiable user request unless it’s repetitive, unfounded, or excessive. In case we deem the request requires a fee, Oriental Cloud will inform users why the decision was made and provide the estimated cost before wrapping up the request.


Oriental Cloud will show no discrimination towards you regarding CCPA rights/guidelines. Unless allowed by CCPA, Oriental Cloud won’t:

  • Deny any services or goods.
  • Charge differently for any services or goods, which includes offering discounts and added benefits, or any other levied penalties.
  • Providing a different quality or level of services or goods.
  • Suggesting users they might receive exclusive rate or price for services or goods or a different quality or level of services or goods.

Privacy Changes Notice

Oriental Cloud reserves every right for modifying the privacy notice at any time and in any shape. When some changes are made, a post is updated on the site and update the privacy notice effective date. User’s continued usage of our site and any service after the posting of modifications shows your consent with such modifications.

Contact Information

In case users have comments or questions regarding the notice, the mentioned ways in which Oriental Cloud uses and collects data are described, user’s rights and choices regarding any such use, or the intention for exercising the rights as per California law, kindly feel free to reach us via:

Phone: +1 (844) 394 6777 Toll-Free in USA


Address: 555 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor, Manhattan, New York, NY 1022, United States of America