DevOps Transformation

Empower your organization with DevOps

DevOps transformation accelerates business results and it also optimizes quality and delivery values. It encourages the teams to improve their workflow.


Advantages of DevOps transformation

Enhances Productivity

DevOps transformation increases the productivity of the business and IT teams.

Improves the system

Improves the reusability, quality, and reliability of all components of the system.

Saves money

Guarantee that the money invested in cloud infrastructure is not wasted.

Saves maintenance cost

Save costs on maintenance and eliminate unnecessary capital expenditure.

The Path to Transformation

Oriental Cloud concentrates on developing and building internal DevOps coaches to sustain culture change and that also helps in reducing the cost of adoption.


Application Developers

Use the tools


Platform Operators

Manage the tools


Platform Architects

Build the toolchain

Control security and governance

Integrate strong mechanisms throughout your code sharing and collaboration to remain in control of your data



The container security controls the blast radius of data breaches.
By using specific container tooling the surface attack can be reduced.



Automate the runtime configurations and dependencies.
It shifts the security control from the operators to developers.

White Papers

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